Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Tidying up the garden shed … by Jutta Bongers

A sensitive topic is on the agenda for the last days of the year.

Tidy up the GARDEN SHED!


It is (my) tradition, before we welcome the New Year, the garden shed is tidied up.

The driving force is actually me.

From my point of view, he’s in a lot of chaos right now.

My husband disagrees, I could also say that everything is for him in the perfect place.

Actually, we (more like me) wanted to start this Sunday, but it pours heavily from the sky and squalls sweep through the garden.

My head gardener has the grin on his face and is not so unhappy about it.

After all, his order in the disorder still has a day longer gallows time.

He can use basically everything …!

Good news: So far we’ve both come out alive.


If you get bored, give it a try: Clean up – cleanses and liberates immensely.

Then there is great joy in early spring.

Have a good time everyone and have a nice New Year!