Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein


We are getting closer to midsummer and thus the astronomical summer time. The garden was not so easy in May and June 2019. Dryness and stormy weather made us look again and again worried outside.

Regardless, nature manages to adjust to the weather conditions over and over again. We have been given an abundance of rose and perennial flowers.

In the garden now also the summer time begins. The grass on the flowerbulbmeadow has already been cut back – and thanks to the rain from the previous week, it is turning green again. In the next 14 days followed by the first cut of carpinus hedges, as well as the pruning of catnip, lady’s mantle and cranesbill in the perennials.

Afterwards we look forward to Phlox, Veronicastrum, Thalictrum, Dahlia, Monarda, Polygonum, ……