Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Spring Promise

We are slowly reaching the end of winter (01.12 – 28 / 29.02) according to the meteorological calendar. The days are significantly longer – around 3 hours more compared to the beginning of December.

Although the calendar end of winter is March 20th (same day and night), you can feel the awakening of nature very clearly. Depending on the weather conditions (west winds with wind and rain or east winds with sun and cold), this phase is delayed or moved from mid-February till mid-March.

Basically, however, various signs of the approaching spring can be observed in the garden. The flock of birds is on the way and inspects caves, boxes and hedges for their breeding season. The first mosquitoes, flies and lice are floating around. At appropriate temperatures, bumblebees and bees fly into the flowers of crocuses, snowdrops, aconites and spring roses in search of nectar. The harbingers of spring in the garden are becoming more numerous. In December it was only occasional snowdrops or snow roses and trees such as winter cherry and winter snowball that brought color into the dark days.

The sun’s rays are already warmer than in December …

All in all a real spring promise, even that storm Victoria is crossing today our area.