Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Reorganization of the perennials border

With the end of the last open garden day this year, we are now beginning to restructure the large perennial borders before the next spring. After about 8 years it was time for us to intervene courageously and to give the 3 large beds a facelift. Now we still know exactly which plant has become too large, which transplantations we want to make or which perennials need another location.

Rolling through extensive research through books, visiting other gardens and parks and of course our own ideas will hopefully lead to a sustainable and worth seeing experience in 2020.

We have tried to combine the noticeable climatic changes and extremes in the summer with sustainability and insect friendliness.

Of course we hope that the weather is on our side and we can do it all in the expected time. The facelift is under the motto: less is more!

Let yourself be surprised by the changes in 2020!