Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Prärie border

Since years, we wanted to plant a sort of prairie border in our garden. The extreme weather conditions of recent years have strengthened our thinking. Prairie plants are typical of the Midwestern United States and therefore very resistant to winds and drought.

In Appeltern ( NL ) and at Hermannshof ( near Weinheim ) there are many sample plantings.

After many considerations and research, we then ventured this summer to the realization. It should be a border mainly in blue, orange, pale yellow and lemon. Only Persicaria and Sanguisorba provide a hint of red. Since we have virtually no yellowing in the garden, this results in a completely different color picture. We selected shrubs and grasses for nutrient-rich soil and sunny location.

The border has now been planted for a good 3 weeks and it is very noticeable how it is visited by partly completely different insects than the rest of the garden. Above all, wild bees and butterflies are constant visitors of the flowers.

Another advantage in the prairie order we see for us in the late flowering period from August to November. In winter we add very moderate Camassia and Allium in the Border.