Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Garden column – Plant portrait: Isodon effusus

I bought this plant when it was still known as Rabdosia effusa. Meanwhile renamed to Isodon effusus. But does not reduce their value for the garden. Wonderful perennial for partial shade that glows in the garden with a wonderful touch of blue from mid-October. Now belongs to the large mint family, which includes Lamium, Agastache, Nepeta, etc. Another German name is Harfenstrauch. When looking at the fine flower formation, it can fit ….

Not very used in German gardens and not easy to find in garden centers. And it is worth a trial as she is still blooming – mid November – in our borders.


For 2021 I have planted a couple of other types of Isodon / Rabdosia. I’m really curious !