Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Outlook and review

And another gardening year comes to an end.

It was a very challenging year, especially in view of the ongoing drought in summer here on the Lower Rhine. And yet, as always, very exciting to observe how the plants behave under extreme conditions. We have never had such a long flowering phase with our Phlox. From July to October, they conjured up color in the beds. Or the knotweed: reserved and inconspicuous during the heat and dry phase and with a little rain in September, an endless sea of blossoms follows.

All in all, we look back very happily and positively on the garden year and our visitors.

For 2023 we have planned some changes and innovations. For example, in February, March and April there will be special openings of our garden with guided tours to present the plant treasures in winter and early spring.


We have further expanded our small nursery in order to be able to offer our customers and visitors even more rarities and specialties of perennials and grasses. The range of bulbs in pots is also new. The palette ranges from snowdrops to crocus and wild tulips to daffodils. Therefore, the garden shop will be open again directly from January 4th.

In addition, the Bruchergarten will be on garden markets in 2023, with a focus on special perennials.


We are therefore looking forward to the coming year with anticipation and excitement.



Looking forward seeing you in 2023  !



Jutta & Michael Bongers