Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

News from the garden

Snowdrops and crocuses have had a very long flowering period this year. Due to the heavy rains and snow showers of the past week, this bloom is now coming to an end.

The daffodils are in the starting blocks. The first species such as the Cyclamineus or the Geranium variety are already blooming.

Other early flowering bulbs include Scilla, Chionodoxa, Ornithogalum and Muscaria.

Dog’s Tooth, Hepatica, Wild Tulips and Spring Snowflakes are starting.

The march cherries presenting a slight pink white.

And Lenten roses and spring cyclamen provide wonderful splashes of color throughout the garden.

As soon as the temperatures rise above 8 degrees, the bulb meadow and the spring roses buzz with bumblebees and bees.