Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Looking back to January and February 2020

The first two months of this year were completely different than normal. But what is normal, when we talk about weather?

January was clearly too warm and with some rainfalls. February brought rain and wind every day. There were storm warnings on all 4 sundays in February, all of which passed very lightly over the Lower Rhine.

Ultimately, in these two months, you could not really think of classic winter work, since our heavy soil absorbs the rain and leaves deep traces when you enter.

All spring flower bulbs bloomed a good 14 days earlier than usual but held up very well despite the rain. Snowdrops are just fading, crocuses, liverleaf and early daffodils are currently blooming. Scilla, Chionodoxa, Anemone and Leucojum show the first flowers. In the perennials, the spring roses are a sea of ​​flowers. Next to it commemorative, Brunnera and lungwort with blooms.

Winter cherry, winter snowball, snow forsythia and daphne shine among the trees.

The exciting question is whether there is still an onset of winter that can be dangerous for the sprouting plants and trees…..

Unlike in previous years, I saw very few insects searching for nectars in February. I cannot say whether this is due to the rain.

The prospects for March are not too bad, so hopefully the open gardening work can be done !