Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Hot time

The July 2019 has passed with record temperatures of over 40 degrees. The sunshine duration was well above the long-term average with at the same time too little precipitation.

So it is our second summer in a row, which gives us plenty of extra work for watering to keep trees, shrubs and shrubs alive.

One can certainly assume that climate change is also reflected in gardening. The extreme weather changes (temperature,  rain and wind) have made us the first measures in our garden design this year. More about our measurements in one of the next posts.


Fortunately, the temperatures have “normalized” instantly and there was even rain today. The nature rejoices and saves us a few days in watering ☺.

Despite record heat, we have used the last 14 days to complete our long-planned prairie border. It fits of course perfectly with the changing weather. In the next post more information and pictures about this project.