Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Helleborus gardens in northern germany

Last weekend I was on a garden trip with the GdS hellebores group in northern Germany and was able to see some wonderful gardens with spring bloomers.


  1. Olaf Schachtschneider

The operator of a garden nursery in Dötlingen is also a passionate collector of all kind of plants. In his private garden there is a large number of spring roses, most of which have their genetic origin from the Belgian hellebores breeder Thierry van Paemel. But there are also own crossroads by Olaf  himself.














  1. The second garden belongs to Waltraud and Gerhard Petschallies in Wiefelstede. Waltraud has been dealing with the “Hellebores” in England since the mid-1990s and bought plants on many trips. Since then, she has been crossing and propagating plants from seedlings independently. The garden is therefore home to an abundance of different spring roses. And this both in the ground and in pots. In addition, seasonally accompanying early bloomers such as winter aconites and snowdrops.




  1. The third garden was the tree garden by Irmgard Voss von Stebut and Bernd Voss. A remarkable private arboretum with a variety of rare and great shrubs from all over the world is presented here on app. 10,000 square meters. The eye-catcher at first was the decorative apricot – Prunus mume ‘Beni chi dori’, which was in full bloom. Thousands of snowdrops provided the perfect accompaniment to the trees at this time of year.



  1. The hidden garden at Tanja Bohlken’s Jade Bay was the perfect end. An idyllic gem right on the dike with a heart-warm owner. Winter aconites, crocuses, hellebore, spring roses, snowdrops and daffodils are all in bloom here.






Great trip to the north and got to know such friendly garden owners that the air stays away.