Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein


We’ve been busy!

Despite the lack of sun for days, we have now cut off many perennials. And we really enjoyed it. Nice to see the power and life in the plants again. Many bulbs are already showing their first peaks. Hopefully we’ll be through with the garden work by Valentin latest and then the fine work will begin.


A new nesting box has also been hanging in the garden since today, into which a nuthatch couple is to move.

The spring roses are quite remarkable this spring. Almost all of them sprout powerfully from the ground with an abundance of flower stalks and the many colors are already shining everywhere in the garden. I can’t say exactly whether the wetter summer of 2021 helped, but I suspect it did.

On days above 10 degrees, the first bees are immediately at the start.




Uedemerbruch, January 23, 2022


Michael Bongers