Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Gardening in times of Corona

Everything is really different this year. The barely noticeable winter caused nature to start very early. In my opinion, many perennials and shrubs are 14 days to 3 weeks earlier in the bud or in bloom than normal.

This can lead to severe damage as night frosts are still possible.

For weeks now, the new kind of corona virus has been added to the capricious weather – about which gardeners like to complain about. This has mixed up our personal garden planning.

Normally, the garden would have been prepared for visiting groups from mid-April and our first open garden gate would have been on April 19.

As is known, such events do not take place for the time being and it is a bit in the stars when it will be somewhat normal and predictable again.

We therefore spontaneously decided to use the time saved and to carry out a few “surgical” interventions in our garden.

For example, bux pyramids and taxus balls are being transplanted, new perennials, bulbs and christmas roses are being planted, trees and shrubs are being replanted or relocated. The entire front yard gets a face lifting. And and and….

If it is feasible, we post a few pictures of the work here on the homepage and on pur social media accounts.

The weather at the weekend means it is very good with us. Enjoy it and race care !



Stay healthy and keep distance !