Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Gardening in November

In the last week there was the first real frost at the Lower Rhine.

Beside great garden pictures, it has ensured that all the leaves have really fallen from the bushes and trees. Our walnut tree reacts very intensely to frost: within 24 hours all the leaves have fallen from the tree.

For the garden, this means fanning out the leaves for the last time and sweeping them up in a big heap. As soon as it is dry, I put the leaves on the lawn and run our ride-on mower over them several times. I distribute the now shredded leaves over the wooden border and the outer edges. The soil is mulched and the spring bulbs have enough “air” and protection at the same time thanks to the now thin layer.

Speaking of spring bulbs:

The last bulbs are now in the ground or in boxes and pots.

By putting the bulbs in boxes or pots, I gain time to decide on the right location. The risk that they would otherwise dry up would otherwise be very high. So I can fill in gaps in January and February in peace or place them in new locations.

By the way, the first tips of the crocuses are already appearing in the lawn.


What else is there to do in the garden?

The water has already been shut off the previous week and all the cranes are turned open. Where possible, deposited stable manure is spread over the borders. The bees are now definitely in hibernation and only disturbed again at the end of December during the last treatment against the Varroa mite.