Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Gardening in March

Since January and February did not allow the planned access to gardening, in addition to the classic work, there are still some to do’s from the first two months. The forecast is okay – dry and sunny. 


  • Rake the lawns from windbreak after the stormy February
  • 1st lawn cut (was impossible in February)
  • Cut back of the last grasses and perennials
  • Spread rock powder on lawns and beds
  • Depending on the weather, spread sieved compost on the lawn
  • rose cut (with a view of the general weather situation)
  • Revise herbaceous beds
  • Dig over the vegetable patch
  • Sowing annuals such as sweet peas, poppy seeds, etc.



Garden tip:


We have been spreading our compost on the lawn for years. This has several advantages for us:


  • Applying organic mass
  • Filling holes (voles, moles) and tracks from the lawn mower
  • Fertilization of the entire lawn area


We deliberately do not apply our compost to the herbaceous border, as we then risk spreading plants such as verbena, polemonium, violet, poppy, cat tail and other annuals across all herbaceous beds. These plants love our soil J.

The danger in the lawn is very manageable, as mowing is regular from April.

By applying the compost, the lawn is also raked through and ventilated. Then rock powder on the surfaces. The lawn is ready. Garden guests know our lawn….