Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Gardening in August

Gardening in August


In August, not much maintenance is actually necessary. The growth has more or less ended and only the late perennials and grasses are in motion. We make a lot of notes this month about changes in the beds, be it color or structure. Now you can still see everything and either correct it immediately or reserve it for October / November.

If all was well, catnip, lady’s mantle, sage and cranesbill will be well carried through again after the pruning in mid to late June and will bloom for the second time.

The late perennials are all checked and – if necessary – fixed. These are some types of asters, but also certain knotweed, coreopsis and helenium that need some support.

This can also be prevented by the June cut (Chelsea Chop), which works great for many perennials in mid-June.

From the second week of August we will also start harvesting pears.