Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Garden column: Winter guests on the terrace and in the garden

As a result of the icy temperatures, our feeding areas are heavily frequented. The spectacle starts early in the morning. The blackbirds and field thrushes in particular fluff themselves up when they want to keep their competitors in check. But the sparrows also appear energetically in gangs. Robins, tits, nuthatches, wrens, finches and goldfinches wait calmly for the right moment to secure their ration.

For us in “Flockdown” a nice opportunity to admire the biodiversity in our region.

Presumably due to the cold, the ornamental apples in the meadow are also visited much earlier and more intensively by the field thrushes and blackbirds. If this continues, all fruit will be from the trees within a week.

Good timing, as the weather forecast predicts temperatures above 10 degrees from the middle of the week and we can finally start in the garden.

Today at noon we use what will probably be the last bright, sunny winter day and go out into the surrounding nature again. We are currently considering putting together a nice tour around our garden and publishing the route here. Uedemerbruch, Uedemerfeld, Hochwald, Allenradweg, Bauerroute…. there is a beautiful nature here!

Have a nice Valentine’s Day!