Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Garden column: The Garden rests

Physical gardening is suspended between the days and until mid-January. Time to discuss and sketch plans and changes in the garden, but also to hike in the nature that surrounds us.

An avenue cycle path is to be completed in March, which will then connect the cities Uedem and Xanten just 500 meters away from us. A number of joggers, hikers and cyclists are already exploring the almost finished route on the weekends. We are with the Bruchergarten in a valley from the last Ice Age at about 15 meters above zero. The new cycle path in the direction of Xanten rises up to almost 65 meters, which is very mountainous for the Lower Rhine region. We are very happy about this new development and will certainly write again this year about the background and history of the avenue Cycle Path.

The high forest that surrounds us in the direction of Xanten and Marienbaum is one of the highlights of this area, which is appreciated by many people in the current lockdown. Many people drive to the parking lots and run, jog or hike along the well-marked paths and enjoy nature.

I currently like to call Uedemerbruch and Uedemerfeld local recreation areas. What a nature, what a flora and fauna! Buzzard, kite, stork, crane, wild geese, lapwing, little owl, great spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, jay….

The list of bird species that occur here or that visit us is certainly a lot longer. And when we have survived the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions at some point, there are many nice locations to stop here.

With this in mind, have a nice Sunday!