Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Garden column through the winter time

Garden column through the winter time


This year November shows its golden side. So far no trace of the infamous November blues. What October should have been now holds in November. Bright sunshine, soft winds, temperatures during the day at over 10 degrees and only moderate precipitation. It can stay that way.

At the same time, nature also reacts to the mild November: The lawn continues to grow, the honey bees fly out in search of nectar and many perennials are still blooming.

For us the opportunity to plan the garden and borders further. We have already made many changes in the current year. For 2021, the central perennial border is still pending. First of all, perennials – sensitive to sun and dryness – will be removed. Then we plan a new path through the border and a division into two areas: penumbra and sun.            

                            Otherwise there is the wish to bring the garden into shape for the first time early in winter. There are so many winter bloomers like spring roses, snowdrops and crocuses in the starting blocks, for which I would like to create the light they deserve.


From November to March, like last year, there will be columns every Sunday about gardening, insects and animals in the winter garden, winter pictures, garden stories and plant portraits.

Stay tuned  and have a great Sunday everyone !