Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Open garden: sunday, september 3rd: apple & pear festival with tasting of our own pear juice

At the beginning of September, peace slowly returns to the garden. Asters, mock sun hats, sun hats, sun eyes and sun brides dominate in the perennial borders. In addition, the second flower of roses, catnip, sage and cranesbill. Verbena, meadow burnets, meadow rue and magnificent candles sway in between.

At the end of August to mid-September we are also in the middle of the apple and pear harvest. Our two pear varieties, Clapp’s Liebling and Williams Christ, always bear plenty.

In 2022 we had our pears and apples pressed and bottled for the first time. On this day there is an opportunity to buy fresh apples and pears as well as the pressed juice. There is also spring and summer honey from our own beekeeping and, with a bit of luck, the first ornamental pumpkins from the garden.