Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Open garden: monday mai 1st

All fruit trees are in full bloom since a good one week. The almost 100-year-old cherries can be seen from afar as a large, white cloud. In addition, the old apple and pear trees, as well as the ornamental cherries and the willow-leaved pear. In general, the shrubs sprout much earlier this spring than the perennials.

The last daffodils and March cups are blooming in the beds. Among the perennials, it is Caucasus forget-me-nots and elfin flowers that add color to the fresh green of nature. Surely the first cranesbills and Geum will be in bloom for the weekend.

A wondrous mood in the awakening garden. This special atmosphere can be felt especially in the old orchard.