Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Open garden, sunday 4th september: Pear harvest

We traditionally harvest our pears in September. The two trees, which are around 70 years old, bear plenty every year.

Klapp’s Liebling and Williams Christ are large, juicy and tasty varieties. There appears to be an earlier harvest this year due to the drought. We’ll see !


The open gate on September 4th is our penultimate garden date for 2022. Looking back the years, we expect  that the first autumn asters are already blooming, the prairie garden is in full bloom and a lot of the roses are showing their second bloom. In addition, many sedum varieties, false coneflowers, catnip and woodland sage, as well as the late burnet.

September is less colorful and flashy than summer and captivates with more subtile colors.