Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Open garden, sunday, 12th june: Perennials, Roses & Clematis

After the rain over Pentecost it grows and blooms immensely in our garden. The motto for this Sunday could not have been more appropriate, since almost all roses and clematis are in full bloom. Likewise, many perennials bloom in the front yard, perennial area and in the prairie garden. The blue of catnip and sage dominate. Red-leaved penstemon, meadow bunnies, meadow rue, the first coneflowers and phlox also start. Countless other rare perennials can be discovered in the borders. Lady’s mantle in lemon yellow and cranesbill in blue and red meander between the large perennials. And also the first grasses such as quaking grass, diamond grass and moor grass push their ears.

It’s a glorious – bursting with strength – time of year!



Since we were asked a lot about it in the previous week, a short explanation at this point about the 8 light squares on the meadow:

These are our borders for thousands of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils. After the daffodils have bloomed, we mow the squares in early to mid-June so that the lawn can grow again. Due to the lack of light, there are 8 very bright rectangles in the lawn in the first 14 days after mowing….