Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Open garden, sunday 11th september: End of the gardening season

Next Sunday we will open our garden for the last time this year. We ourselves are very excited to see whether the rain showers announced for this week will arrive.

Regardless of the months of immense drought – and the associated enormous effort to keep the garden vital – the vast majority of perennials and grasses are doing very well. This definitely shows the advantage of an old stock of trees, which provides a lot of shade and protection in the old orchard.

The pear harvest is over and this year we dared to attempt to process our own pears and apples into juice with a winery.

Next Sunday the swing to autumn will come. Therefore, the decoration and the range will also go in this direction. Pumpkins, anemones, fat hens, heather plants, grasses and asters will be the main actors.




In the garden there are also knotweed, autumn cyclamen, late burnet, false coneflowers, vernonia, gaura, verbena, and many other shrubs and shrubs.