Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

Open garden, june 11th: Perennials, Roses & Clematis

The date could hardly be better suited to the topic.

Right in the front garden, visitors are greeted by the rose varieties “Sweet Pretty” and “Asperin”. “Ghislaine de Feligonde”, “Nuits de Young” and “Guirlande D’Amour” are shown on the picket fence.

And at the entrance to the orchard, the rambler roses in pink, white and purple are already blooming in the old fruit trees at a dizzy height.

The perennials are currently dominated by shades of blue: catnip, sage and husk. In between, many perennial poppy varieties such as “Marlene”, “Beauty of Livermere” or “Pink Perfection”.

On Clematis we see, for example, “Green Passion”, “Dorothy Walton” and “Rebecca”.


The carees on the meadow have been mown and the prairie garden is more than just a hint of its splendor. Quaking grass, husk, squill, sage and catnip are the harbingers of a prairie summer….