Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

End of the gardening season

We look back on a very intensive gardening year. It was of course strongly influenced by the prolonged drought in summer and autumn.

In return, we were able to look forward to a long-lasting late summer bloom in many perennials.

Garden guests could look forward to blooming phlox, meadow rue and burnet in August and September.

Unlike in previous years, this year we closed the garden in mid-September. This enabled us to make the necessary changes early in the fall, when all the perennials can still be seen. Due to the lack of rain in October and November, we have already been able to do a lot of gardening work.


Our garden dates for 2023 are online.


In addition, we have planned many activities and look forward to your visit in 2023!



Stay healthy



Jutta and Michael Bongers