Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein

December aesthetics – Seed heads

Episode 1: Seed heads

The first harder frosty nights and the changeable weather make the garden a bit sad and depressing in December.

With a little skill in gardening, however, some “light sources” and highlights can conjure up in the wintergarden. In additional some perennials, grasses and ferns surprise and fascinate in the fading.

I would like to report about that in a weekly column in December.

Today I start with seed heads of some special perennials that catch unawares in all weather conditions in winter and evoke an artificial touch in the garden.

The highlights for that in our garden are coneflower ( Echinacea ), ( Veronicastrum ), Monarda, thistle (Eryngium) and perennial Clematis (Clematis integrifolia and texensis).

Aesthetic to the eye and food source for birds and insects in winter.


Episode 2, Sunday, December 15: Frosty beauties in December