Landgarten von Jutta und Michael Bongers am Niederrhein


Autumn is fast approaching. The first trees are shedding their leaves, many perennials have faded or are clearly approaching their end this year.

For example, the prairie bed with heliopsis, grasses, rudbeckias, knotweed and asters is still very beautiful.

Speaking of asters: They bloom a little later this year, but are even more magnificent.

After this year, the last “rampant” asters will finally disappear from the borders, as they make life really difficult for all other perennials in our heavy soil.

There are plenty of other asters that we have planted and tested in recent years:


  • Aster x frikartii “Mönch”
  • Aster amellus “Veilchenkönigin”
  • Aster lateriflorus “Lady in Black”
  • Aster lateriflorus “Chloe”
  • Aster lateriflorus “Coombe Fishacre”
  • Aster vimineus “Lovely”
  • Aster ericoides “Schneetanne”
  • Aster ericoides “Snowflurry”


All of these asters have proven themselves well for us, blooming persistently and reliably. They do not require support and insects of all kinds visit their flowers.